Thursday, April 03, 2008

a month of posts - day three

I've been feeling rather nostalgic in the past week or so... perhaps sprung on to the fact I know I'm definitely going to be doing a little traveling around the world at the end of the year to visit my friends in different places. And perhaps because it clicked not too long ago that it's been ten years since I first started uni... oh so many treasured memories! but it also makes me feel old. Anyway thought I'd just highlight some of my friends that I have known for a very long time, who have started their own businesses... I'm really proud of them!
  • Kelly Kan - My high school bestie... she's been into designing her own jewelery for as long as I've known her. After a brief stint with broadcast journalism, she decided to start her own jewelery business Electric Lollipop. When we catch up we have milk and cookies just like back in the good old days (listening to Boys II Men)
  • Joe Tringali - Joe co-founded 5TH Cell a game developing company... the company developed Drawn To Life which was a Nintendo DS bestseller. This guy loves his Thai curries, and makes a mean dish of homemade pasta... and he's super humble!
  • Petina Watkins - I've known her since primary school... Tina left HK for Melbourne in high school, and I got reconnected with her when I was living in Melbourne. She's opened up a boutique called Curious Eidolon which sells some amazing clothes, accessories and toys. Each time I go back to Melbourne I have to pop in for a visit.
  • Joshua Wong - I only got to know Joshua after I finished uni and moved back to HK, but our parents go way back. This guy is an extremely gifted designer and editor, he's created some pretty incredible videos... plus he's a great photographer and musician... I think the creative arts just runs through his veins. He recently started his own company Pentopixel Designs, check out the showreel on facebook.

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