Wednesday, April 30, 2008

a month of posts - day thirty

Alas it is the last day of my month of posting. It has been an eventful journey for me. Often when asked how I've been, the replying is quite commonly 'nothing much' but upon reflection quite a lot has happened this month. So here's a list of some of the new things I have discovered/ experienced in the past thirty days:
  • Having breakfast for dinner... Amanda concocted this meal to celebrate some of her friends passion for breakfast.
  • Dined at various cafes for breakfast... a trend amongst my friends recently to try out different breakfast venues.
  • Tea and scones on the park... celeste invited the girls to share some delectable scones and sip cuppas... bring on the smoked russian caravan yum!
  • Downsizing and moving office space is a very very huge and arduous task... two weeks after my team moved into the new area, I'm still having to cull and minimise the amount of stuff we have accumulated from the past two years.
  • I'm not fond of dying rats... especially not anywhere near where I'm sitting.
  • House sitting is pretty good fun... paint fumes however not so much.
  • I love my Youth Choir... I love the vibrance and the heart of the youth who just desire to serve... it's truly inspirational.
  • I love catching up with old friends and never seem like we were apart for that many years... my friend Mira and I have been living in the same city for the past four years and though we have occasionally contacted one another we hadn't had the opportunity to catch up until last week. It was amazing... just like the HK days.
  • I am officially a Jane Austen fan.
  • My new camera is very hot!

image taken while playing with new camera (still without a name)


Jeremy said...

had I known you were doing a month of blogging I would have ardiously read it to satiate my daily thirst for reading other ppl's blogs that are constantly updated

Britt-Astrid Gabrielsen said...

hello ann
I have really enjoyed keeping up to date with your blogging...
don't stop here!
love and smiles from me in Melbourne....
(did not know if you message board was working..)

*jessix* said...

wow...why didn't you tell me you were blogging for a whole it's too're gone...GONE!

i'll see u tuesday. xx