Thursday, April 10, 2008

a month of posts - day ten

Recently on the weekends I have found myself often having breakfasts with friends. I'm not normally one to wake up early on the weekend, let alone have breakfast... anyway I have discovered however that I do quite enjoy the activity.

Breakfast recommendations (in Perth):
- The Old Swan Brewery - the view is magnificent
- John St Cafe - gotta try the hash brown and organic toast
- Tart - love the outdoor setting
- Golden Century - yum cha... need I justify anymore... definitely need a good strong brew of pu'er tea 普洱.

If anyone else has got some other places for recommendation, please let me know... I'm all for checking out new places. And if someone knows of a good 粥粉麵shop in Perth? I'm really craving 牛力酥 and a good glass of soy bean milk 豆漿. Hmm come to think of it, I'm also missing the HKD$20 HK cafe breakfast meals 茶餐廳.

some older pics: Karen outside the Old Swan Brewery, Bonnie and Amanda at Tart, Mom slipping into local mode in our HK/China trip in 2005


odorus said...

You've been to quite a few places it seems :) I'm all just the same old place (it's called McDonalds), but will wanna venture different places for lunch and dinner.. breakfast is too early for me.

Will I see you at church Sunday night? mom's been making a rooooly nice soya bean milk from scratch.. I really like it. I'll bring some for you?

annong said...

Tin you make me smile. I have to admit coming from HK I am still a hardcore McDonalds fan... still love their breakfasts.

Ooh yum! I would love some fresh soya bean milk. Haven't had that in ages.. mom has stopped making it! :)