Wednesday, April 02, 2008

a month of posts - day two

Ever have days when you feel like your head is just going to implode and you can't seem to think straight? It was just one of those days at work for me today. Perhaps my coffee wasn't strong enough this morning... or the fact that my workload seems to have piled up again... or I had too big a lunch... or just cuz I wanted to go home... the list of excuses roll on haha

Anyway here are some new happenings/discoveries that happened today:
- My brother and sisterinlaw moved into their new unit
- I mapped out and organised where my team will be moving to... we have to move out of our existing location by next week
- Found out I'm not too shabby at demolition work with a hammer
- Totally digging sweet potato and cashew dip... yummo

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