Tuesday, April 22, 2008

a month of posts - day twentytwo

My team at work has recently moved to a new work area. The move has made me extremely aware just how much change and territories are to people. My big big boss told me to liaise with colleagues who are already in the area we were moving to... the first meeting... man one lady made it very clear her team did not have enough space and could not move. Awkward. Anyway the process was a little tense... that's the best way to put it... I did in the end manage to organised my team and we eventually moved. I am now working with a colleague attempting to cull out all the things we don't need in our new area, as space is limited and we need a major clean up... sigh we have to get rid of sooooo much stuff. But my questions from this experience is why are we so adversed to change? Why are we territorial? We like to label/name/ brand things with our name on it... why is that? Is it in our nature to hoard stuff? Seems like I'm constantly chucking stuff out... does that make me materialistic? hmmm

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