Tuesday, April 29, 2008

a month of posts - day twentynine

These are my new favourites from Hong Kong (courtesy of mom and dad who were over there for a short five-day trip):
- my new camera!!! thank you Josh for shopping for this baby... got a canon ixus 900! very exciting!... I haven't yet thought of a name of it... although not too sure if I should really name such an item.
- 牛力酥 the sweet breadstick that accompanies congee and a glass of soya been milk... mom brought some back from a congee shop... I scoffed one down at work this morning! So delicious, oh how I have missed it.
- dried mangoes Philippines style... need I explain myself
And from HK via the internet
- 'Your Heart' from The Vine's new worship album, written by my friend Joshua... love this song!


Anonymous said...

oh yeah Ann... you were going to name your ixus Crea, because you were inspired by Ori. Remember? Because Ori is so inspirational..


annong said...

of Yes that's right cuz Ori is definitely very inspirational... hehe I might even allow you to christen my new ixus!... maybe :)