Sunday, April 06, 2008

a month of posts - day six

Summer has faded away, I reckon Easter took it away. Autumn is setting in now... It's starting to rain more, and the duvet aka doona is more and more comforting making waking up much harder. Coffee is not just a morning pep up, it's also for keeping warm. the quintessential pashmina is no longer just a fashion accessory that hangs off your bag or draped across the office chair, but it's constantly wrapped around the neck and shoulders to ward off the chills. Am I seriously supposed to wake up and go to work... but the sun's not up yet?!

Things to try as autumn is setting in:
- Reading... I'm getting into the classics that I haven't yet read
- Bringing gardening indoors by planting a selection of herbs in the kitchen... main aim is not to kill the plants
- Have dinner parties at home... bonus if you actually cook the meal
- Buy a more heavy duty moisturizer... I'm still a big fan of Cetaphil, whereas my sister likes Kenkay the hospital grade sorbolene.

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