Tuesday, April 15, 2008

a month of posts - day fifteen

We had our first Youth Choir audition for the year. As the new choir director I think I was more nervous beforehand than some of the people auditioning. I was definitely fretting about making sure people knew what they had to sing, if they received my emails etc etc etc. It all worked out really well and we now have five new choir members... which is really terrific... considering we had to put choir on hold last year as there just weren't enough people able to attend.

some images taken this afternoon at church
And I am really loving the company and friendship between my connect group members. It was Kiwi Ben aka Bin's birthday today. Leonie and I found out about it on Sunday and decided that a birthday celebration for him was in order (especially cuz he wasn't going to celebrate it). A bunch of us ended up at Alfred's Kitchen (sorry Amanda... my mistake... not James' Kitchen) in Guildford for an outdoorsy dinner next to a huge fire. Celeste heard how much Bin loved his carrot cake with pineapple pieces and decided to make him one for his birthday. We chowed on the decadent dessert then headed down to the Guildford Hotel for a drink... Such good times!!!

click on the images to view more pics from the birthday shindig

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